Birds eye view of a track starting line up
Image taken from the crowd looking down onto a racing track
Image taken from the crowd looking down onto a racing track

Who we are

More than Equal is an independent, non-profit organisation with an ambitious goal: to find and develop the first female Formula 1 World Champion.

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Founded by 13-times F1 Grand Prix winner David Coulthard and entrepreneur Karel Komárek, More than Equal is committed to investing in research and data to understand the barriers holding back women and girls in motorsport, and finding and supporting the best young talent to climb the ranks through a world-first female driver development programme.

We will work alongside the other great initiatives underway, and those being developed, to support female racing talent, so that one day female drivers will be able to enjoy successful, professional and sustainable careers at the highest level of global motorsport.

“We have an ambitious goal at More than Equal – find and develop Formula 1’s first female world champion. There are wide ranging opinions in the sport on why women have not progressed to the elite level, but you need facts and data to make any meaningful change to the status quo.

This report represents the first significant step towards removing the many barriers that have stopped the best female drivers rising to the top, and gives us important evidence so we can build a programme to make our goal a reality.”

Ali Donnelly
More Than Equal, CEO

Karen Webb Moss, Chair and Strategic Advisor 

Kate Beavan, Board Member and Strategic Advisor

“My passion for wanting to support female racers to success at the top level goes back to my childhood when I saw how talented my younger sister was at karting. When I began to achieve a degree of success, all the family’s support went on me and she was not given the same opportunity as a consequence, yet I know that she was just as good as me if not better.

Motorsport is an incredibly difficult sport to take part in – regardless of gender. To get to the top requires immense skill, financial backing and ultimately, some luck.

What this research makes clear is that female drivers face a range of challenges and barriers that extend beyond those faced by their male counterparts. This report provides all the insight we need to help the sport to catch up.

We should all work to try to make sure that other talented girls don’t get left behind.”

David Coulthard
Former F1 driver and More than Equal founder

“David and I founded More than Equal to ensure that we can celebrate elite racing successes by female drivers sooner rather than later. This research marks our first step in helping to make that happen.

We asked some tough questions, and we got back some tough answers, but if the sport can come together to solve some of the difficult issues, the rewards will be enormous.”

Karel Komárek
Entrepreneur and More than Equal founder

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An F1 car on track
An F1 car on track

Our research approach

The four areas of research combined in this report make it the most comprehensive study ever undertaken into women’s participation in motorsport.

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